I’ve got a question for you:

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Each and every one of us has a SUPERPOWER.

I don’t mean the ability to fly or to stop a speeding bullet. 

I mean the thing that positively and uniquely distinguishes you from others. The thing that makes you remarkable. The thing that makes you, YOU!

Your superpower could be:
⭐️ A PERSONALITY TRAIT that makes you stand out
⭐️ A PERSONAL VALUE that you’re known for
⭐️ A SKILL that you excel at
⭐️ A ROLE in which you flourish

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You might even have more than one, but with superpowers (as with so many things), less is more.

So, what’s YOUR superpower?

I used to think that my superpower was marketing and branding, but recently I realized that it’s coaching and teaching. Specifically, I think my superpower is coaching others to identify their superpowers! 

Two BIG reasons you should take the time and effort to identify your superpower:




The single most significant benefit of identifying your unique superpower is how it can elevate your CONFIDENCE.

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Feeling nervous before a big presentation, job interview, speech, or pitch? Focus on your superpower. Any time you feel that shot of adrenaline, remind yourself of what makes you unique and remarkable.

Do you ever feel uncertain about when to jump in or how to contribute during meetings?

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Use your superpower for inspiration. Say something like, “Based on my expertise…” Suddenly, the words come more easily and you know exactly what to say. Plus, you’ll remind everyone – including yourself – of your unique strengths.



Articulating your superpower can help you strategically manage your career.

Knowing your superpower makes it easy to answer important  job interview questions:

“What sets you apart from other candidates?”
“Why should we hire you?”

Knowing your superpower can also help you make career decisions…

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With your superpower as your guide, decision-making becomes simpler. You’ll know what jobs to pursue (and what to avoid) to set yourself up for a career that brings you both success and happiness.


So… What’s YOUR Superpower?

Talk About Talk #111 - What's Your Superpower? - image of the Talk About Talk Superpower Worksheet

Two suggestions to help you identify your superpower:

  1. Listen to Talk About Talk podcast ep.111
  2. Download the “Superpower Worksheet” I created with prompts to help you identify your superpower. (YOU’RE WELCOME!)


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