In this week’s Talk About Talk blog newsletter, we talk about online reviews, Super Bowl ads, and 3 short quotes worth TalkingAbout.

First – online reviews.?
I can’t imagine buying much online if it wasn’t for online ratings and reviews. Can you? However, according to some sources, up to 50% of online reviews might be fraudulent. Think trolls, bots, and kids hired by manufacturers to write fake reviews.  YIKES!!!  Do you know how to spot a fake review?

Nancy Peterson on Online Reviews  In this week’s podcast episode on RATINGS & REVIEWS, I interview founder and CEO Nancy Peterson. I learned so much! Despite her incredible success with Homestars, Nancy remains unquestionably humble and true to her mission of helping consumers.  You will learn how to write a credible review, how to assess online reviews to help you make the best purchase decision, and specific advice for when you are hiring a major service provider, such as a home contractor.

Click here to listen to the podcast now.  The SHOWNOTES (including additional commentary, references, links and the transcript for this and other TalkAboutTalk episodes) are available at

?What else we are TalkingAbout this week: Super Bowl Commercials!

Did you watch the game?  More importantly ?, did you see the commercials? My favorite was the NFL ad.

NFL 2019 Super Bowl ad

WHY?  There was intrigue, celebrity cameos, and great music. Formulaic?  Perhaps. But it’s just a commercial! It was entertaining. Visually stunning. It made me laugh.  I didn’t want it to end. The NFL branding was clear but not overwhelming. And it may have shifted some of my attitudes about the NFL.  This ad even helped me understand why so many people enjoy watching the game.
I would ❤️to hear which ad was your favourite?

(An aside: did you hear that none of the players were paid to appear in the NFL commercial?  How’s that for P.R.-worthy marketing?)

Super Bowl Ad facts & stats you might end up TalkingAbout:
?Cost per commercial: $5.25 million for 30 seconds (that’s $175,000 per second)

# of viewers: 98 million in 2019, down from a peak of 114 million in 2015

? Best Super Bowl ad of all time: That’s up for debate. It could be one of a few Coca-Cola ads (1971, 1979), Apple 1984, eTrade’s (1999) or many other iconic ads!

Last thing I will say about the Super Bowl: Watching the halftime show made me think of two new communication-related topics for future TalkAboutTalk podcast episodes:

1.”What your CLOTHING CHOICE says about you”

2.”Talking with our SKIN: Tattoos, Piercings & Plastic Surgery”

(That’s all I have to say about that….)

?“Quotes Worth Talking About” Every week, we share a few of our favourite quotes.  This week we focus on football, reputations, and reviews:

Don Meyer quote

Online Reviews quote2

Online Reviews quote

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  I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast focusing on Online Ratings & Reviews.

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