Here we are with the 3rd & final episode in our Talk About Talk ? series on SELF-TALK:

OK – let’s do this!!!

with Eat Clean founder & master wellness coach TOSCA RENO

Sitting down to talk Self-Talk with Tosca Reno not once, but TWICE, was such a privilege!  This time, Tosca shared her personal strategies for what she calls Wellness Hygiene or Wellness Literacy:


As I said in episode 25, Tosca and I shared some wine, some tears, some laughter ,and became friends during these interviews.  She even showed me her tattoos and let me take photos!  Here is her “I AM” tattoo, on her right (dominant) wrist, to remind her that “I am… capable / strong / resilient,….” You can see more photos if you go to the Talk About Talk website and click on PODCASTS.  Scroll down to “Shownotes / Transcripts” and you will see the shownotes with photos for every Talk About Talk podcast. 


Over the course of this interview, Tosca shared 6 Strategies for Positive Self-Talk: 

  1. THE 3Es of WELLNESS – Tosca advocates for a lifestyle grounded in Eating CleanExercising, and Emotional Self-Care. She calls it her “ace in the hole”.  
  1. PRACTICE GRATITUDE –  That’s how you move up the emotional ladder from shame to joy.  Be grateful. Thank you again, Tosca.


  1. CHERISH RITUALS –  A good place to start is with our morning routines.  Tosca’s morning routine is to wake up, hydrate with water, not turning on her phone other than to play meditation, meditate, then write in her journal, then read something that feeds her soul.  And – if she does have time for all of this, she chooses just one and is grateful for that.


  1. MEDITATION –  You can start with a free app, and go from there.  Tosca has evolved from free apps to energy work and shamanic journeying.
  1. JOURNALING –  Write down something that you’re grateful for – something positive.
  1. CONNECTING WITH OTHERS –  Tosca talked about how much she values her tribe of women.  I should also point out that this is something that people cherish in the Blue Zones, like in Nicoya Costa Rica, where Tosca has her retreat.


THANK YOU so much, Tosca,
for sharing your story and your expertise with us! 



Did you see the videos of US gymnast Simone Biles’ incredible feats last week? Wow, wow, wow.  Wouldn’t you love ❤️ to know what she’s thinking when she’s about to tumble?!?  ?




(They’re just so inspiring!)



You know those QUESTIONS I’ve been asking you to send me? Well, this is the last week for you to send them in.  I’ll be recording the “Q&A” episode next week.  So please send me whatever Qs you have as soon as you can.

THANK YOU to those of you who have already sent Qs! There is a nice range of Qs regarding my research, communication, podcasting, marketing, and moreI am grateful! ?

One Talk About Talk listener asked me why I don’t post podcasts and other content on YouTube. He wasn’t the first person to ask this! 

Just so you know I’m listening, I created a 2 minute YouTube video of me explaining this 3-episode Talk About Talk podcast series on Self-Talk.  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here:

That was my first foray in YouTube.  More to come!  Please email me and tell me what you think, OK?  Or you can post on social media

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Enjoy the podcast!

Have a great week.

TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Founder & Chief Talker – Talk About Talk Inc.


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