I hope you had a chance to listen to episode #25: “BUILDING RESILIENCE: Sets & Reps – with Eat Clean founder & master wellness coach Tosca Reno! A few of you told me that you’ve read her books and even participated in her wellness programs.  She is so inspiring, isn’t she?


Tosca will be back next week!  

Here’s the slate for the Talk About Talk  3-episode ? series on SELF-TALK:

OK – let’s do this!!!

with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

What is SELF-TALK?

Some people use the term inner voice” as a synonym for self-talk.  Or they might refer to “that little voice” inside your head. It’s what you’re thinking.  It’s what you’re saying to yourself. For our purposes here, we’re focusing on self-talk as communication to ourselves and about ourselves.

Self-Talk can be focused on reconciling the past, anticipating the future or – it can be very much in the present – maybe particularly when you’re feeling self-conscious. Perhaps when you’re giving a presentation or when you’re at a social event? Remember the ABCDEs I shared in episode #24?  Thinking about the ABCDEs would be an example of present-focused self-talk.

To prepare for this episode, I did lots of reading, particularly since “self-talk” is outside of my main research area.  Several common themes seemed to come up over-and-over again.  So – I created two lists for us that summarize some of these common themes.  First, 5 Mindsets:

In the podcast, you’ll learn about each of these mindsets, their definitions, and how to adopt them.

I also summarize 5 things we can do RIGHT NOW to improve our self-talk:

This list seemed overwhelming to me.  But then I considered Tosca’s advice, and started with the one thing on the list that I know I CAN do!  For me, it is “developing a morning ritual.”  Which one is it for you?







I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on Self-Talk & Mindsets

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Now, I leave you with one last thought:

WOW.  That’s significant, isn’t it? Yes, improving our Self-Talk is certainly worthy of our attention.

Enjoy the podcast!

Have a great week.

TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Founder & Chief Talker – Talk About Talk Inc.


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