Did you have a chance to listen to episode #24“The ABCDEs of Communication” ? If not, I encourage you to do so – or, if you prefer, you might want to read about it in the LinkedIn paper I wrote.  Here is your cheat-sheet again with the 5 steps:

This week we kick off a 3-episode ? series on SELF-TALK.  You know, that all-important inner voice


  • SELF-TALK 1of3: In this current episode, #25, we focus on BUILDING RESILIENCE with Tosca Reno, a woman whom I cannot wait to introduce to you right now!!!!
  • SELF-TALK 2of3: #26, I’ll summarize the research I uncovered on Self-Talk – including 5 MINDSETS we should all seek to adopt.
  • SELF-TALK 3of3: #27, Tosca Reno will be back with us with POSITIVE SELF-TALK & the 3Es of WELLNESS.  You can trust me when I tell you that this woman has some incredibly valuable advice for us.

OK – let’s do this!!!

with Eat Clean founder & master wellness coach Tosca Reno

We define RESILIENCE here as “the capacity to recover from difficulty or adversity”.  Tosca Reno, the “woman with 9 lives,” not only recovered from adversity, but she flourished.  After leaving her first marriage with 3 children, she lost 84lbs and started competing in physique competitions, landing her first Oxygen magazine cover in her 40s! Years later, she lost her step-son, then her husband, then the family business and home. In this podcast, you will have the privilege of hearing her story first-hand.

As the Eat Clean founder and a master wellness coach, Tosca encourages us to become more resilient by framing adversity more productively and by adopting effective coping strategies


  • According to Tosca, it’s all about seeking challenges and appreciating adversity itself as a gift.  According to Tosca, “…if you don’t have adversity, you’re living a small life…”  Suddenly, adversity is a good thing!
  • Tosca also mentioned eustress or positive stress teaches plants to be stronger. And how people are the same.  We need positive stress.  We need adversity. 




  • Take responsibility or ownership for your destiny – Tosca mentioned the analogy of working out in the gym.  Doing sets and reps.  When you’re in the gym, that experience harms no one, the weights don’t talk back, they don’t moan. It’s you and them. It’s your story.
  • Be grateful – According to Tosca, “… even in the moments where we feel life is just giving it to us and giving it to us and it’s relentless. There are things to be grateful for.”  Tosca cites Abraham Hicks, who says that the fastest way to move up the emotional scale from shame to joy  is by practicing gratitude.
  • Be kind and compassionate – Tosca ❤️s to pay it forward.  Bring your neighbour a jar of soup.  Anonymously pay for someone’s lunch. Look people in the eye.  Register the colour of their eyes.  If nothing else, it’s good karma, right?

I met Tosca through a mutual fiend, and I knew right away that I needed to interview her for Talk About Talk so you could hear her inspiring messages about Self-Talk.  We conducted two interviews in her home, where we quickly got to know each other.  As you will hear, Tosca is very open and very generous.  Over two hours, we enjoyed some wine, we shed some tears, and we became friends.

Thank you, Tosca!

from Tosca:

I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on BUILDING RESILIENCE with Tosca Reno!

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TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Founder & Chief Talker – Talk About Talk Inc.


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