Need some advice on how to overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME?

Let’s back up. Did you take the IMPOSTER SYNDROME TEST that I sent you last week?  (Here’s the LINK.) It’s a fun exercise.  But it turns out most of us feel like imposters!

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Here are 3 suggestions to help you overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME:

1.) Remind Yourself of CONTEXT

  • Also known as “get over yourself.” Everyone has imposter syndrome!
  • People might not notice that you’re nervous!
  • As Dave Jackson reminds us, You don’t need to be the world’s greatest expert. You just need to know more than your audience!

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2.) Shift the Focus to Your UNIQUE Strength.

  • Lean in to your superpower and your personal brand.
  • Whether it’s what you’re thinking or what you’re saying, shift away from your vulnerabilities and focus on your expertise… that thing you know you rock at!


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3.) Try Some Confidence Hacks

  • Start with The 4 P’s of Mentally Preparing to Communicate with Confidence: practice proverb, pep talk and pirate.
    • Practice – as in rehearsing
    • Proverb – as in adopting a mantra
    • Pep talk – as in asking a friend to give you a pep talk to boost your confidence
    • Pirate – as in copying or emulating someone else’s confidence


There’s lots more on how to overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME in the most recent podcast episode. 

Enjoy the PODCAST!

Please email me and let me know what you think.  Do you have other ideas on how to overcome imposter syndrome? I ❤️ love hearing from you!


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