Are you a CONNECTOR?  Connecting people in your network with each other, whether via email or IRL, can create valuable opportunities for everyone involved, especially if you do it correctly!


Do you know the ETIQUETTE OF MAKING CONNECTIONS? This week we focus on:

  • The “do’s & don’ts” of introducing two people
  • Your 5-step script for introducing people

Let’s do this!



 connecting people (Image: unsplash @ Ashkan Forouzani)

IMAGE: Image: Unsplash @ Ashkan Forouzani

If it’s online

  • DO ask both parties first.  Send a quick email. “There’s someone I’d really like you to meet.  Do you mind if I send you both an email so you can get connected?”

If it’s IRL

  • DO stand up. Get out of your chair, even if they say it isn’t necessary.  This goes for whether you are making the introduction or if you are being introduced. 

Regardless of the context

  • DON’T forget titles and last names if the introduction is formal, professional, or public.
  • DO introduce a lower-ranking person to a higher-ranking person. DO say the higher-ranking person’s name first. (More on “ranking people” in this week’s podcast episode)
  • DO provide relevant context that will encourage them to start talking.
  • DON’T hog the conversation. Stand back and let them talk.


CONNECTING PEOPLE – Your 5 Step Script for Making Introductions


 connecting people (Image: Unsplash @ krispaparo)
Image: Unsplash @ krispaparo

1️⃣ Say the name of the ‘higher-ranking’ person 

  • The higher-ranking person is the boss, the eldest, the client or customer, the guest… 

2️⃣ Say “I would like to introduce” 

  • or “please meet” or “this is,” etc.

3️⃣ Say the name of the ‘lower-ranking’ person.

  • The lower-ranking person is the subordinate, the younger, the employee or service provider, the host… 

4️⃣ Provide context

  • At work, context could be titles and responsibilities. 
  • It could also include how you know each of them, what they have in common

5️⃣ Stand back and let them talk.

  • Get out of the way. Your job is done!




inroductions and connecting others (Image: Unsplash @ krispaparo)

Image: Unsplash @ krispaparo

Now you’re a PRO on Introductions!


Lots more in this week’s podcast episode.  Click here to listen now or Click here to check out the printable shownotes.

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