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Recently I asked my teenaged son, “Who are the popular kids at your school?”  He named a few names.  Then I asked, “How do you define popularity?”  His answer shocked me.  One word.  “Followers.” (WHAT?!?) Maybe he didn’t understand.  I meant IRL (In Real Life) popularity!  Nope.  He understood.

Online followers = Online AND Offline Popularity! 

Yowza.  Clearly I have so much to learn – about being a teenager AND about social media!  One thing at a time.  

Today we talk with SOCIAL MEDIA expert ANDREW JENKINS.

Andrew Jenkins
Social media expert Andrew Jenkins

In this week’s podcast episode we talk wit SOCIAL MEDIA. expert Andrew Jenkins. Are you social online? Whether you’re on social media to stay connected with friends, managing a social media marketing campaign, or maybe you are reluctant to participate, Andrew Jenkins provides valuable insights about how to navigate the world of online social media. 

For the record, Andrew is my go-to when I have Qs regarding social media. He’s my social-media marketing guru.  In this podcast you will learn about some of the important differences amongst the various social media platforms, how to come up with new ideas for what to post, including creating unique and compelling posts from your “core digital assets.”  Andrew offers valuable advice. For example:

“I often say people go to Google to ask a question. People go to social media to ask for a recommendation or referral. Ideally, you want to be the recommended or the referred.”


“Here’s the other thing that organizations have to understand: you do not own your Facebook page or Twitter account or your Instagram account, they’re just on loan to you.”

Click here to listen to the podcast now.  You can also read and follow along with the shownotes.

? What else we are talking about this week: The Grammys

Girl power at the Grammys   (❤️d that!) 

Interesting.  So last weekend the Superbowl ratings were down.  Now the Grammys are also down. And we know the Oscars are in trouble, with no host confirmed at this point

Random coincidence?  Or has social media diminished the relevance of the mass-audience?  Perhaps now these mega-audience events are less relevant.  Would you rather be liked by millions or ❤️adored❤️ by a few? This “1000 true fans” idea has legs.  What do you think?  Would you rather have 100,000’s of followers or a few whom absolutely adore you? Seriously – would you rather have millions of LIKEs or one LOVE?  Is there an ❤️ADORE❤️ button on Facebook? (hmm… Consider that, as you are assessing your “popularity” on social media!)

?Quotes worth Talking About:

Every week, we share a few of our favourite quotes.  This week we talk social media. 

First, a thought I had when I was researching various social media platforms:

quote about social media


A word of caution from social media expert Andrew Jenkins:

Quote On Social Media

And some inspiration from Seth Godin, my Podcast Fellowship prophet:

quote 2 about Social Media

(Thank you Seth.)

I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on SOCIAL MEDIA. 

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