This week we’re talking STORYTELLING.

At this point most of us understand that great stories make for great communication, right?



In my own business, I’ve noticed that the workshops when I’ve “knocked it out of the park” are where I’ve told several stories. The podcast episodes with the most downloads are also the ones with the most compelling stories.

3 Things to Talk About this week: 

  1. What Makes for a Great Storyteller?
  2. The Storyteller’s Arc
  3. Your FREE Storytelling Tip Sheet


1️⃣ What Makes For a Great Storyteller?

The best communicators are also great storytellers.

So what makes for a great storyteller?

In this week’s podcast episode, you’ll hear my conversation with Rob Tait, founder of Tait Strategy and Storytelling. Rob was the smartest creative director I worked with when I was a brand manager. Rob says there are 3 things that great storytellers have in common:

  1. authenticity – do you believe what you’re saying?
  2. passion – can you talk about it with conviction? with enthusiasm?
  3. ***audience focus – do you know who you are talking to? What they care about? What are their pain points, stressors, or needs? What do you want them to think about you/your product?
    These are critical skills for anyone communicating with any audience.

The next time you’re pulling together an important presentation, use this checklist to help you nail it!


2️⃣ The Storyteller’s Arc

You’ve likely heard about “The Hero’s Journey” story arc before. This is the trajectory of many blockbuster movies and bestselling novels.

The arc typically goes something like this:

  • ➡️call to adventure
  • ➡️denial or refusal
  • meeting the mentor
  • ➡️crossing the threshold
  • ➡️tests
  • the approach
  • the ordeal
  • the reward

Not every story needs a notable “hero,” nor does it need to follow this prescription. But it does need an “arc,” as noted by master storyteller Rob Tait. There needs to be tension – or at least a twist. And we need to care!

And YES, you can apply this to stories about yourself, stories that reinforce your Personal Brand narrative!


3️⃣ Your Free Storytelling Tip Sheet

We’ve all heard that STORYTELLING can boost our communication effectiveness.  But HOW exactly do we find and then deliver these stories?

I got you! Here’s a free “Power of Storytelling” tip sheet for you, which includes:

  • ✅ reasons to tell stories
  • ✅ where to find these stories
  • ✅ traits of the best storytellers
  • ✅ how to tell stories
  • ✅ 9 steps to great presentations (yes, that includes stories- thank you Rob Tait!)
  • ✅ links to storytelling resources 
Get your tip sheet here. I hope you download it and find it helpful. 


There you go – 3 things to Talk About this week:

1️⃣What Makes a Great Storyteller?
2️⃣The Storyteller’s Arc
3️⃣Your Storytelling Tip Sheet

You can listen to my conversation with Rob Tait in this week’s Talk About Talk podcast ep.151 on AppleSpotifyYouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Do you have any storytelling tips of your own?  Things I should add to the Storytelling tipsheet? Please email me or message me on LinkedIn anytime.

Have a great week.