Do You Like The Sound of Your Voice?


Most people don’t like the sound of their voice.  You never sound the same “out loud” as you do in your head.  

And what about how you sound when you hear your recorded voice? 

Exactly.  We’ve all been there.

This week’s Talk About Talk podcast episode focuses on how you can optimize the sound of your voice and use it to leverage your personal brand (my favourite topic!), and even how to make the most of your accent.  (Hint:  Most people LOVE voices with accents…)

Judith Weinman being interviewed on using your voice

Judith Weinman, voice expert

I spoke with voice expert Judith Weinman about using your voice as a communication tool.  She says your voice is revealing; it tells the listener you confidence and energy levels, gender, education, intelligence, trustworthiness….and can even indicate your physical size and health!


sound of your voice quote - Judith Weinman


Consciously and non-consciously, we judge people by their voices.  Women, in particular, are judged more harshly based on how they sound. 


sound of your voice quote - Judith Weinman


The good news is that we can improve the sound of our voice.  Professional singers will tell you that their voices grow and adapt throughout their career; mellowing, stretching, and changing tone.  Broadcasters work on their tone and delivery every day.

So how can you improve your voice and how you communicate who you are?  In this week’s episode, you’ll learn 5 ways to optimize your voice:

  1. Warm Up
  2. Use a Range
  3. Go Into Character
  4. Move Your Mouth
  5. Breathe

I learned a LOT from Judith’s explanations; and I use my voice for a living!  I can’t wait for you to hear her suggestions, too.

If you’re looking for more, please check out this early Talk About Talk podcast episode where I interviewed baritone opera singer Bradley Christensen.

Judith Weinman being interviewed on using your voice
Bradley Christensen, baritone opera singer

That’s it for this week!  As always, if you have any feedback or 💡ideas, please let me know.   I ❤️ love hearing from you!

Have a great week.

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