Listen to this: Experts have noted that as a society, our LISTENING SKILLS are deteriorating. More of us are spending our time watching videos. We are a visually-oriented society.

That’s sad, isn’t it? But I’m an optimist for two reasons:

1️⃣ LISTENING SKILLS is one of the most common topic requests I receive. Ambitious executives across industries are focusing on improving their listening skills!

2️⃣ Podcast LISTENERSHIP continues to grow.  Yes, LISTENERSHIP is up.  

listening (image unsplash jackson simmer)
(image unsplash jackson simmer)
I ❤️love that word – “LISTENERSHIP”!

This week’s Talk About Talk podcast episode focuses on “The Power of LISTENING.”

We could all use a primer on HOW TO LISTEN. Whether you’re in an online meeting, engaging in small talk, or sitting around the dinner table.  To actively listen, to listen with intent, can make all the difference! 

listening quote doug larson - talk about talk

When most of us think about communication, we think about how we talk (not how we listen), am I right?   But if you don’t listen, then it’s not communication. It’s just a monologue! 

george bernard shaw quote communication


1️⃣ We’re Myopic

  • We’re wired to focus on ourselves.  Our favourite topic is anything to do with “me,” and our favourite word is our own name!

2️⃣ We’re Distracted 

  • Certainly, we’re distracted by our phones, but also by everything around us.

3️⃣ We’re Smart! 

  • We get bored easily and our minds wander.  Of course, because we’re SMART! 


But listening is worth the effort!

listening quote julian treasure

If you listen to podcasts, then you probably get that listening requires focus and it’s an effective way to learn.  But it’s not easy, is it?

Good news –  Listening can be learned.

I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast, “The Power of LISTENING“!  Click here to listen now or Click here for the printable shownotes.

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That’s it for this week!  Please forward this email to your friends who might like some help with listening or with other communication skills-related topics. Thank you!

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Have a great week.