Last week we focused on INTRODUCING YOURSELF. Now we shift to INTRODUCING OTHERS

introducing myself - hi

Hi, I’m Andrea!

Question: Which do YOU think is more challenging?

introducing yourself
introducing others?

For me, it’s INTRODUCING OTHERS.  I’ve stumbled a few times when introducing others, be it at networking events, dinner parties, or formally introducing a guest speaker.

I have a nightmare 😱memory of messing up a formal introduction of a guest speaker to a large audience…

I was about 20 years old, studying for my Bachelor of Commerce degree. I was really putting myself out there, and I offered to formally introduce a speaker at a business conference.  Yes, I was nervous! The gentleman I introduced was an early environmentalist, focusing on “sustainability,” a term I had never heard in this context. (Yes, I’m dating myself!)

introducing an environmentalist

Clearly, I should have taken the time to familiarize myself with the topic. Let’s just say my formal introduction of him was a complete disaster.

Fast forward a few decades…

please meet - introductions - talk about talk

Nowadays I’m introducing guests to my TalkAboutTalk audience all the time!  Every time I interview a guest expert for one of the TalkAboutTalk podcast episodes, I have to introduce them to you!

So I’ve created a simple INTRODUCTION FRAMEWORK. I call it the 3 Ts:


  • Introduce the subject matter or content. Clarify the topic and highlight its significance
  • Be respectful to your guest and do your homework, if necessary.  (YES, this is what I failed at when I was a young student at that conference.  I didn’t take the time to understand the guest’s TOPIC.)


  • That’s plural.  This is where you share the talents of the person you’re introducing. 
  • List the guests’ relevant expertise, credentials, accomplishments(Pump them up!)


  • Establish an enthusiastic and positive tone in general for the audience.
  • Ensure that the guest feels especially welcome and appreciated.


introducing a speaker or a guest - talk about talk

Lots more in this week’s podcast episode.  Click here to listen now or Click here to check out the printable shownotes.

That’s it for this week!  Please forward this email to your friends who might like some help with introducing others or with other communication skills-related topics. Thank you!

As always, if you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know.  I ❤️love to hear from you.

Have a great week.