Do you have an accent?

I happen to LOVE accents. I love hearing the tone and the character of a voice. An accent adds unique colour to a voice.

Think about someone speaking with your favourite accent. Now imagine them reading tax law to you. Their voice could even make you want to listen! (This is not a dig at accountants… even they hate tax law!)

However, many people are self-conscious about their accents. They worry that it may hold them back or feel that it is more difficult to communicate their ideas. They lose their voice in meetings and conversations, and feel less empowered and visible.

Accents: 3 Things To Know


The most important thing to consider with your accent is comprehension. Can your listener understand you? As long as you communicate with confidence, your accent may be less of an issue than you think!




We should respect and honour others’ accents.  Accents communicate positive things like global experience and diversity.  This is what we want in conversations!



English is considered the universal language of business (for now, anyway) and not everyone is on the same footing. People for whom English is a first language have a “home court advantage” and must take on the responsibility of being inclusive. Ask yourself – how do you feel when you’re trying to communicate in another language?


Check out the full VOICES interview here: Episode 89 “Using your Voice”.

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