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Talk About Talk with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Are you an ambitious, life-long learner? If yes, you are in the right place!

Talk About Talk is the Communication Skills learning platform for life-long learners who seek professional development and enriched relationships. You can improve your communication skills right now, by listening to the podcast, signing up for a free online course, reading Andrea’s newsletters and LinkedIn papers, signing up for one-on-one or group communication coaching, and by joining the Talk About Talk private Facebook group. There’s so much to learn. Read on!!!

Talk About Talk Podcast

The Talk About Talk podcast is a fun and effective way to improve your communication skills! Listen as Dr. Andrea Wojnicki and her guests share their stories and advice about how to up your communication skills with clients, work colleagues, family and friends. Just click on any of the episodes below or SUBSCRIBE to the bi-weekly Talk About Talk podcast!

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