We’re wrapping (haha!) up the year with a final look at gift-giving. I’ve got a few ideas and insights to help you.

When you think “GIFT GIVING,” do you think 🎁🎁 wrapping presents for clients, friends, and family, or do you think 🙏🙏 philanthropy?

Truth for me: it depends…

Every December for the last few years Talk About Talk has gifted a financial donation to New Circles. In addition to their large and impactful clothing bank, New Circles supports newcomers, refugees, and equity-deserving individuals and families with business and retail & customer service skills training.  These are COMMUNICATION SKILLS!

If you too are looking for somewhere to donate your money &/or your time, I recommend you take a look at New Circles. They quietly make a huge impact for thousands of individuals.

And here are 3 things that I hope will make a positive impact on your gift-giving stress!

3 Things to Talk About this week: 

  1. What to worry LESS about
  2. Gift registries and wish lists
  3. Typical gifts


1️⃣ What to worry LESS about

People-exchanging-a-gift-wrapped-in-a-red-ribbon-Talk-About-Talk-Andrea-Wojnicki-Gift-Giving - Image from Canva
What should we worry LESS about?  How much money we spend!

Last week, we reviewed the Gift-Giving 2×2 Matrix and talked how sentiment (thought, effort) and substance (cost) relate to each other.  (Need a quick review?)

The most appreciated gifts are low substance, high sentiment.  They weren’t the most expensive, or biggest, or fanciest – they were the gifts that came from the heart, gifts that signal you really know what the recipient loves.

It really is the thought that counts!

Side note on substance… PNC Bank does an annual index of how much it would cost to give your “True Love” the gifts outlined in the “12 Days of Christmas” song.

This year, it would cost you $46,729.86 to gift “the 12 Days of Christmas.”

Or, if you REALLY went overboard and gave all 364 gifts? $201,972.66

Making homemade jam or giving a gift certificate for your babysitting services is sounding a LOT more do-able now, isn’t it?

PNC's Christmas Price Index graphic

2️⃣Gift registries and wish lists 

 Wish-list-and-pen-on-a-blue-background-Talk-About-Talk-Andrea-Wojnicki-Gift-Giving - Image from Canva

Is using gift registries and wish lists cheating?


It’s OK to buy gifts from lists. Consider it a gift-giving “guidebook” – showing you exactly what the recipient wants. Stop trying to go above and beyond.  Heck, if Santa can choose from a wish list, so can you!

And what about regifting?  Regifting used to be insulting, but it now seems to be more acceptable.  Nowadays re-gifting is even joked about as being environmentally responsible!

Need some extra guidance? The Washington Post offers tips on regifting.

3️⃣Typical Gifts


As clichéd as it sounds, research shows that most women enjoy jewelry and most men enjoy technology gifts.

You probably know if the person that you’re buying for is an anomaly to these preferences.

If you’re stretched for time, just go with jewelry or technology. Gold hoops earrings?  Yes, please!  Heated mittens you can recharge via USB?  Yes, please!


There you go – 3 things to Talk About this week:

1️⃣ What to worry LESS about

2️⃣ Gift registries and wish lists 

3️⃣ Typical gifts


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  I’ve got lots happening in 2024 and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Please email me if you have a suggestion for a topic for this newsletter or for the podcast.

I’m off now until January 8th.  I hope you are also enjoy some downtime. I look forward to sharing more “Talk about Talk” with you in 2024!

Happy Holidays!

Talk soon,


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