Helping you avoid resume mistakes

November 29, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

I get a lot of people asking for my input to their resume or CV. I guess this isn’t surprising, based on all the work I do with clients on developing their personal brands. Recently I mentioned this to my friend, executive recruiter  Sharon Mah-Gin, whom you might know from podcast episodes on networking and job-searching. We lamented about how … Read More

Here’s your Top 10 Summary!

September 12, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Revisiting the Top 10 most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes over the last ten weeks has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect. If you’ve already listened to these episodes, this is your chance to review. If not, now you can get caught up on the Top 10! So why are these episodes, in particular, so … Read More

Do you communicate with IMPACT?

August 22, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Do you know how to communicate with IMPACT?  I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help us answer this question than my friend Jennifer T. Lee, a bold and inspiring leader whose superpower is creating global impact. Jennifer T. Lee I’m not surprised that my conversation with Jen made it onto Talk About Talk’s Top 10 … Read More

Communicating with IMPACT (ep.138)

August 21, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes

Do you communicate with IMPACT? Vice-Chair at Deloitte Jennifer Lee defines impact as the ability to get someone to take action. Learn 3 specific communication tactics to elevate your impact, plus insights about how respect, being curious, and establishing the value of each person in the room can increase your impact. Resources Jennifer T. Lee: … Read More

Do you dread the self-introduction?

August 15, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

You know the scenario. You’re sitting around a boardroom table or in a virtual meeting, and the meeting leader says, “Let’s all go around and INTRODUCE ourselves.” How do you react? Does your brain go into hyperdrive? What should I say? How long should I talk? Should I mention something personal?… You’re not alone! Many of … Read More

INTRODUCTIONS: How to Introduce Yourself (ep.137)

August 14, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

  Introducing yourself shouldn’t be something you dread. Learn a 3-point self-introduction framework (not a script!) plus 4 general tips for introducing yourself effectively. Introducing yourself is a rare opportunity to highlight your personal brand!   Connect with Andrea & Talk About Talk: Website: Communication Coaching Newsletter: LinkedIn: Andrea and TalkAboutTalk Youtube Channel: @talkabouttalkyoutube Re-release of ep.86.

Have you harnessed the POWER of 3?

July 18, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Before we get into “the power of 3,” I have an invitation for you: Do you have personal branding questions? Please join me for my upcoming Personal Branding Q&A session on Tuesday, July 25. It’s live and it’s FREE! I hope to see you there. Click HERE for more information and to register. Now, I have … Read More

#125 Personal Branding Mistakes

April 17, 2023Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

Andrea shares the 3 most common personal branding mistakes and misconceptions she sees with her clients: communicating first, scripting, and copying others. Learn why these are mistakes, and what you should do instead to build a strong and effective personal brand. RESOURCES Other Talk About Talk episodes on Personal Branding: #98 The Power Of Personal … Read More

#124 Your Elevator Pitch

April 3, 2023Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

Drop your rehearsed elevator pitch and try this instead! Certainly, being prepared for impromptu conversations with influential stakeholders is important. But elevator pitches typically come across as rehearsed and insincere. Instead, keep this simple 3-point checklist in mind! RESOURCES Website: LinkedIn: Andrea and TalkAboutTalk Weekly Communication Skills Newsletter – Email –   For a transcript of this … Read More

#122 What to WEAR at Work

March 6, 2023Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

What to wear to work? Your clothing communicates a lot about you, more than you probably think! Andrea shares what some of the research says about how we dress and others’ perception of us. Then she shares some do’s and don’ts  when choosing your outfit. Here’s a question: what’s your most successful, happiest self wearing … Read More

Beyond the basics!

January 24, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Quick: When I say “COMMUNICATION BEST PRACTICES,” what comes to mind? Is it: Be courteous and punctual Don’t interrupt Watch your language…? Certainly, these things are important.  But these points are pretty basic.In this week’s podcast episode, I share my top 3 tips for five different communication media, and all of them are beyond the basics.   Here’s … Read More

#119 MEDIA BEST PRACTICES – Beyond the Basics for Text, Email, Phone & Meetings

January 23, 2023Podcast Episodes

Andrea shares best practices for texting, email, phone, virtual and in-person meetings. This is beyond the basics! Of course, you need to be courteous and punctual. These tips will elevate your communication effectiveness across various media.   RESOURCES “COMMUNICATION MEDIA: Which medium is best for your message?” PODCAST EPISODE: Talk About Talk  Website: … Read More

The BEST of 2022…

December 20, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Image by pixelshot via Canva 2022 is almost over! It’s easy to get caught up in the end-of-year stress, isn’t it? I try my best to focus on some of my favourite things: LISTS and GIFT GIVING!  LISTS Are YOU a list maker?  I definitely am! (Thank you, ❤️ Mom!) Image by @glenncarstenspeters via unsplash This … Read More

#102 Communication Skills Questions – Q&A from Fishbowl

May 30, 2022Podcast Episodes

Do you have Communication Skills questions?  Listen to Andrea answer 12 communication skills questions from a live Q&A event hosted by FishBowl. Learn how to handle a difficult boss, communication tips for introverts, ideas for how to network and secure a new job, and more!   RESOURCES FishBowl Andrea on Fishbowl – Maye … Read More