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Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Andrea shares her communication skills expertise on topics such as personal branding, confidence, demonstrating leadership, and more. Listen now on your favorite podcast player.

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  • Jennifer T. Lee
    Communicating with IMPACT (ep.138)
    Do you communicate with IMPACT? Vice-Chair at Deloitte Jennifer Lee defines impact as the ability to get someone to take action. Learn 3 specific communication tactics to elevate your impact, plus insights about how respect, being curious, and …
  • introduce yourself - Hi I'm Andrea
    #86 INTRODUCTIONS – How to Introduce Yourself
    Introducing yourself shouldn’t be something you dread. Learn a 3-point self-introduction framework (not a script!) plus 4 general tips for introducing yourself effectively. Introducing yourself is a rare opportunity to highlight your personal brand! …
  • Communicating with Confidence Mental Preparation Talk About Talk
    #58 COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE: Part 1 – Mental Preparation
      Communicate with confidence: There’s the mental preparation, then there’s confidence in the moment.  In this first of a two-part series, we focus on the 4P’s of mentally preparing to communicate with confidence: Practice, as in …

Andrea's Favorite PODCASTS

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"This is my go-to for staying up to date on tech and business. I adore Kara and Scott. And yes, I have some communication tips for them…”
Re:Thinking with Adam Grant - Dr Andrea Wojnicki's Favourite Podcasts
“Adam covers important topics and he has great guests. I appreciate how he references academic research to back up many claims.”
Ted Radio Hour - Dr Andrea Wojnicki's Favourite Podcasts
“Anyone with a growth mindset will love this podcast. Scroll through the topics and click play!"

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Apple Podcasts Rating - Talk About Talk
Apple Rating - Talk About Talk
"I am really enjoying this podcast. Very useful for understanding how to communicate effectively, and how we are received based upon a wide range of ways that we communicate. Dr. Andrea is a good interviewer. Interesting selection of speakers as well. Recommend."
"I really enjoyed this podcast! Dr Andrea is an enthusiastic and expressive listener ... I found the podcast informative and engaging, and I liked the fact that Dr Andrea recognizes that the listener has made a time commitment. She is respectful of that, making each moment of the podcast worthwhile. I highly recommend Talk About Talk."
"You should listen. As in... RIGHT NOW. Dr. Andrea's natural curiosity and obsession with communication makes her an ideal host for a podcast about communication. You'll learn all of the tips and tricks for building a "communication arsenal", and she ensures that she covers all of the topics brought up in the show....."

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