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Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Andrea shares her communication skills coaching on topics such as personal branding, confidence, demonstrating leadership, and more. Listen HERE or on any podcast player.

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  • #123 Adopting a GROWTH MINDSET
    There are many reasons to adopt a growth mindset.  Andrea explains why adopting a growth mindset is the #1 most impactful yet underleveraged skill, how thinking about prototyping can help you adopt a growth mindset, plus her three ideas for how you …
  • #122 What to WEAR at Work
    What to wear to work? Your clothing communicates a lot about you, more than you probably think! Andrea shares what some of the research says about how we dress and others’ perception of us. Then she shares some do’s and don’ts  when choosing …
  • #121 SELF-AWARENESS & Communication
    How self-aware are you? Andrea shares the definition of self-awareness, different types of self-awareness, and how we can improve our communication effectiveness by being more self-aware.   RESOURCES The 3 Point Body Language Scan Podcast …

Most POPULAR Podcast Episodes

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"I am really enjoying this podcast. Very useful for understanding how to communicate effectively, and how we are received based upon a wide range of ways that we communicate. Dr. Andrea is a good interviewer. Interesting selection of speakers as well. Recommend."
"I really enjoyed this podcast! Dr Andrea is an enthusiastic and expressive listener ... I found the podcast informative and engaging, and I liked the fact that Dr Andrea recognizes that the listener has made a time commitment. She is respectful of that, making each moment of the podcast worthwhile. I highly recommend Talk About Talk."
"You should listen. As in... RIGHT NOW. Dr. Andrea's natural curiosity and obsession with communication makes her an ideal host for a podcast about communication. You'll learn all of the tips and tricks for building a "communication arsenal", and she ensures that she covers all of the topics brought up in the show....."

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