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  • Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - illustration of yellow fish on chalkboard
    #106 Q&A on Personal Branding
    Do you have questions about Personal Branding? Andrea answers 13 personal branding questions from a live Q&A event hosted by the FishBowl app. Learn how to boost your confidence, 3 specific benefits of developing your Personal Brand, and more! …
  • Talk About Talk #105 - Bragging, Self-Promotion & Your Personal Brand - image of Lisa Bragg
    #105 BRAGGING, Self-Promotion & your Personal Brand
    Do you ever worry people might think you’re bragging? Lisa Bragg encourages us to focus on what makes you remarkable, and shares why you probably don’t need to worry about bragging. Host Andrea Wojnicki also shares 2 ways to talk about your …
  • Talk About Talk #104 - Psychological Safety - four office workers high-fiving
    #104 Communicating Psychological Safety
    Are you communicating and enabling psychological safety? Psychological safety is a key contributor to team performance. A climate of psychological safety means increased learning, creativity, productivity, satisfaction and engagement. Andrea defines …

MOST POPULAR Podcast Episodes

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"I am really enjoying this podcast. Very useful for understanding how to communicate effectively, and how we are received based upon a wide range of ways that we communicate. Dr. Andrea is a good interviewer. Interesting selection of speakers as well. Recommend." (Apple Podcasts)

"I really enjoyed this podcast! Dr Andrea is an enthusiastic and expressive listener ... I found the podcast informative and engaging, and I liked the fact that Dr Andrea recognizes that the listener has made a time commitment. She is respectful of that, making each moment of the podcast worthwhile. I highly recommend Talk About Talk." (Apple podcasts)

"You should listen. As in... RIGHT NOW. Dr. Andrea's natural curiosity and obsession with communication makes her an ideal host for a podcast about communication. You'll learn all of the tips and tricks for building a "communication arsenal", and she ensures that she covers all of the topics brought up in the show....." (Apple podcasts)

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