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Now, on to my “3 things” for you this week.  I can’t wait to tell you about my fun conversation with entrepreneur, marketer, speaker and best-selling author of “THINK, DO, SAY,” Ron Tite.  Read on…




  1. How your Personal Brand is like your wardrobe
  2. Pitch-Slapping: what it is and how to respond
  3. A new communication superpower on my radar


1️⃣ How your Personal Brand is like your wardrobe


Every morning, and sometimes later in the day, you go through your closet to choose what to wear.

  • What you wear to the office is typically different from what you wear to a party.  (Or maybe not. Your office could be super fancy….)
  • What you wear on a day when you’re giving a big presentation is probably different from what you wear on casual Friday.
  • What you wear on a dinner date at an expensive restaurant is probably different from what you wear for a date at a ball game.

And yet, the clothing you choose to wear is all from your personal wardobe.

This is the beautiful metaphor shared with me by Ron Tite, for how we can stay true to our personal brand, even when we show up differently in different contexts.

I love this metaphor!



2️⃣ Pitch Slapping

Pitch Slappers are those annoying folks on social media who reach out with a connection request and immediately slap you with a sales pitch.

You know what I’m talking about:
“I noticed your SEO isn’t optimized,” or “I’ll help you accelerate your sales funnel” or “….gain a million followers.”

In seven words, Ron Tite stops these pitch-slappers in their tracks: “Happy to connect, not to be pitched.”

Being the marketer he is, Ron even created a segmentation scheme for pitch-slappers. There’s:

  1. The Groper
    • They use a personalized note in the invitation to get right into who they are are and what they do. (Ugh)
  2. The Stumble Upon
    • You know these ones.  They “stumbled upon” your profile as they were scrolling through LinkedIn and they’re fascinated by you. (LOL)
  3. The Smoke Blower
    • “You’re amazing!  You’re so accomplished! You’re inspiring!”  (Tell me more!)
  4. The Howdy Partner 
    • Even though you have no-one and nothing in common, they want to partner with you. (Sure, Bud.)
  5. The Mother/Father) Teresa
    • They want to help you solve a problem, possibly even one you don’t know you have. (Oh help me!)
  6. The Script Follower
    • They could be written by AI, they’re so formulaic. (Get in line!)
  7. Robbie Random
    • The connect request with the completely random question.  It may get your attention, but it’s ANNOYING. (Go away)

You can read more about Pitch-Slappers in Ron’s book, THINK, DO, SAY, and hear my conversation with Ron in this week’s podcast episode 159.

Yes, I had a lot of fun talking with Ron!


3️⃣ A new communication superpower on my radar 

Over the years, I’ve highlighted listeningconfidence, and storytelling as the most critical communication skills, probably in that order.

Recently, a different communication superpower that trumps these skills has hit my radar. I’ve witnessed the consistent success of executives who possess this superpower. The executives who lack the skill never seem to meet their potential.

It’s this: self-awareness

In my recent article in Inc. magazine, I talk about the three ways that our perceived self-awareness and true self-awareness are often at odds:

  1. the level of our self-awareness
  2. the accuracy of our self-awareness
  3. the type of self-awareness.

Read the article (HERE) to learn how focusing on these three aspects of self-awareness can help you acquire this under-appreciated and necessary superpower.


There you go – 3 things to Talk About this week:

  1. How your Personal Brand is like your wardrobe
  2. Pitch-Slapping
  3. A new communication superpower on my radar: SELF-AWARENESS
You can go deeper into my fun conversation with Ron Tite in this week’s Talk About Talk podcast ep.159 on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Beyond our wardrobes and pitchslappers we also talk about:
  • thinking before saying
  • leaning into our idiosyncrasies (or “bugs”)
  • profanity

And if you have a moment, I’d love to hear what what you think about the new website and what your favourite podcast episodes are.  Please email me or message me on LinkedIn. Thank you!

Talk soon,

Dr. Andrea WojnickiDr. Andrea Wojnicki

executive communication coach

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