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  • Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - illustration of yellow fish on chalkboard
    #106 Q&A on Personal Branding
    Do you have questions about Personal Branding? Andrea answers 13 personal branding questions from a live Q&A event hosted by the FishBowl app. Learn how to boost your confidence, 3 specific benefits of developing your Personal Brand, and more! …

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  • Need a CONFIDENCE boost?
    CONFIDENCE is a topic I’m frequently asked about. In fact, one of the most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes of all time is about mental preparation for communicating with confidence.     Does your confidence need a boost? …

Let's Focus on YOU...

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? This course is your opportunity to strategically identify and focus on what you do best - your superpowers!

Personal Brand Andrea Wojnicki

Introducing "5 Steps to Nail Your Personal Brand"

Ever notice how some people introduce themselves with confidence? Wouldn’t you love to be that person who knows exactly what to say, whether it’s in a meeting, during small talk at a cocktail party, or when you're "on stage"? YOU can be that person.

In this new online Personal Branding course, you will:
  • Learn the "strategic principles" of Personal Branding (context, definitions, and examples - what you need to know!)
  • Be guided step-by-step through a sequence of critical inputs to your Personal Brand.
  • Learn to articulate the things that make you unique - your superpowers.
  •  BONUS: You will learn a framework to introduce yourself in any context.
  • ...and more!

Learn more HERE


People are TALKING...

“Andrea's Personal Branding sessions are incredibly empowering, teaching you to identify and embrace your uniqueness whilst learning how to harness these attributes as your own personal super power. The stuff they don't teach you as you're climbing up the corporate ladder. Andrea is highly motivating and engaging and if you get the chance to work with her, seize it with both hands!” (Lorna Mode, chief of staff, global financial advisory, Deloitte)

“I highly recommend Andrea for anyone who wants to nail their personal brand and learn how to communicate it to the world. The process Andrea created unlocked my confidence to share who I am, what I care about, and most importantly how I can help clients. The best part was I think Andrea was genuinely more excited about my success than I am.  She is truly in my corner, cheering me on.” (Lindsey Boyle, founder Circular Citizen)

"Andrea, thank you for a terrific job yesterday.  The staff got a ton of good value out of it.  Your “super powers" are your honesty, mindfulness and caring to learning.  This was one of the best learning sessions our team has ever had.” (Marc Inkol, president Explorer Research)

"I've used Andrea's communication skills advice to help with my confidence. I've also taught some of her content to my staff to help them become better communicators. Great resource!" (Dan, Chicago)

About Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki, founder & chief talker at Talk About Talk

Communication coach Dr. Andrea Wojnicki earned her Doctorate of Business Administration (Marketing) from Harvard Business School, where her dissertation focused on consumer psychology and word-of-mouth. (She is still obsessed with understanding why you said whatever you just said!)

In the early days of her career, Andrea would wing-it in meetings and stutter nervously onstage. ("Andrea, your face is as red as your hair! Are you ok?") Fast-forward to today: she loves public speaking, teaching, and podcasting!

Andrea attributes this transformation to two things: practice and her insatiable desire to learn. Andrea created Talk About Talk as a learning platform to help others boost their confidence and improve their communication skills through corporate workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, online courses, a weekly newsletter, and a bi-weekly podcast. Let's talk! You can connect with Andrea HERE.

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