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? Talk About Talk podcast #58: Communicate with Confidence Part 1 – MENTAL PREPARATIONCommunicate with confidence part 2 in the moment


? Talk About Talk podcast #59: Communicate with Confidence Part 2 – IN THE MOMENT




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“Andrea, thank you for a terrific job yesterday.  The staff got a ton of good value out of it.   Your “super powers” are your honesty, mindfulness and caring to learning.  This was one of the best learning sessions our team has ever had.” 

Marc, President, research firm


“My company arranged for a  Communicating with Confidence seminar and we thoroughly enjoyed the event.  The advice was solid, and we appreciated Andrea’s effort to make it easier to remember… Andrea is an excellent presenter… Thank you again for your efforts on our behalf – our group was very engaged and enjoyed themselves. Much appreciated!”

Amy, Events Manager


“I’ve used Andrea’s communication skills advice to help with my confidence. I’ve also taught some of her content to my staff to help them become better communicators. Great resource!”

Dan, General Manager, biotech firm


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