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Talk About Talk helps you focus on your COMMUNICATION SKILLS, so you can transform from shy to courageous, from ignored to noticed for all the right reasons, and from stalled-out to promotion-ready! Talk About Talk is your secret weapon to propel your professional development. LET'S TALK...

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"I've used Andrea's communication skills advice to help with my confidence. I've also taught some of her content to my staff to help them become better communicators. Great resource!" (Dan, Chicago)

"Hello Andrea, my 29 year old daughter just took your course and it's changed her life! Thank you!!! I also just signed up for your podcast." (Brenda, Colorado)

"My daughter had a very unsuccessful interaction with her father a few weeks ago about body art... Then, after following your advice, she successfully navigated the conversation the second time. She was confident.... It was beautiful. Thank you." (Nadine, Michigan)

About Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

About Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

In the early days of her career, Andrea would wing-it in meetings and stutter nervously onstage. ("Andrea, your face is as red as your hair! Are you ok?") Fast-forward to today: she loves public speaking, teaching, and podcasting!

Andrea attributes this transformation to two things: practice and her insatiable desire to learn. Over the years, she managed a toy store, marketed cheese, earned a black belt, painted seascapes, started a book club, and taught MBA students. Andrea earned her Doctorate of Business Administration (Marketing) from Harvard Business School, where her dissertation focused on consumer psychology and word-of-mouth. (She's still obsessed with understanding why you said whatever you just said!)  

Andrea created Talk About Talk to help ambitious executives boost their confidence and improve their communication skills through 1-on-1 coaching, online courses, a weekly newsletter, and a bi-weekly podcast. You can learn more about the books she recommends and the podcasting resources she uses to make it all happen - see below. Andrea would love to talk!

Andrea Wojnicki onstage with Monkey Toast improv actors
Andrea onstage with Monkey Toast improv actors

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Andrea Wojnicki

I read a lot of non-fiction and I’m often asked for book recommendations. People also ask me what equipment I use to produce to the Talk About Talk podcast. I’m happy to share my recommendations!

3 things about this list:

  1. I've personally used or read every item on this list and I recommend it! (If I’m not delighted, it’s not on the list!)
  2. For a few of these products, if you click on the link and purchase the product, I will receive a small “affiliate” commission.  That does not affect the price you pay.
  3. If you have questions about any of these recommendations, just ask.  Let’s talk!

Andrea's Favorite Books

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