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"Incredibly empowering sessions - teaching you to identify and embrace your uniqueness whilst learning how to harness these attributes as your own personal super power. ... Andrea is a highly motivating and engaging facilitator and if you get the chance to work with her, seize it with both hands!”
Lorna Mode
Chief of Staff
Global Financial Advisory

Dr. Andrea

Talk About Talk founder Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is obsessed with COMMUNICATION, and specifically with coaching ambitious executives on their communication skills to help them get noticed and advance their careers.
Early in her career, Andrea earned her MBA and worked in brand management at Kraft Foods. She then earned her Doctorate in Business (Marketing) from Harvard Business School, where her research focused on guess what??? COMMUNICATION. Specifically why and how people talk.
Andrea served on the faculty at the University of Toronto Rotman school of management where she taught in the MBA program. She also consulted in strategic brand marketing and served on several boards.
Andrea created Talk About Talk to help ambitious executives boost their confidence and improve their communication skills through 1-on-1 coaching, corporate workshops, online courses, a free weekly communication skills newsletter, and a bi-weekly podcast. Andrea would love to talk!
Andrea Wojnicki onstage with Monkey Toast improv actors
Andrea onstage with
Monkey Toast improv actors
Presenting at the 2022 Institute of Advanced Financial Planners Symposium
Presenting at the 2022 Institute of
Advanced Financial Planners Symposium
Michael Zammit
Family Wealth Advisor
"Andrea provided me with the structure, the tools and the insight into my personal brand that enhanced my level of communication confidence. I would strongly recommend listening to the Talk about Talk Podcasts and hiring Andrea if you are looking to take your communication skills and your business to a level that only can be achieved when you surround yourself with talented, caring and extremely smart people."

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“Our team had Andrea lead us through a 90 minute online “lunch & learn” workshop and everyone learned something! Andrea has many practical tips and frameworks to remember the content. She got rave reviews from my team and we are already scheduling our next lunch & learn with her!”

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